Payment Distribution Service

Submit your payout data for processing

Submit your Payout data

Upload a spreadsheet file, connect to our API or simply enter your payment information through our website

We provide the payment processing and distribution

We Send the Payments

We print and mail your checks or send payments electronically using PayPal

Track payment status for check and online payouts

Payment Status Reporting

Keep track of the printing, processing, or sending of your payments. We can reconcile all payment types too.

Welcome to Batchex

We provide a simple, secure online solution for cost- effective outgoing payments—either electronically via PayPal or with check printing and mailing.

We provide facility for large file uploads or manual form fills, for our more technically savvy customers we provide API’s that can be used to integrate with their in house systems.

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Why Choose Batchex?

  • Payouts via mailed checks or PayPal
  • Upload data in several formats (Excel or XML API)
  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimums
  • Payments and checks sent within one business day
  • Print and mail from 10 to 10,000 checks per day
  • We work with your bank in processing payments